Semilla Flamenca is a unique dance studio located in Redmond, WA. We pride ourselves in creating a wonderful and friendly atmosphere where all ages can come and learn the beautiful art of Flamenco dance.

Classes are arranged by age group and skill level. We are the only dance studio in the area dedicated to teaching Flamenco to children starting as young as 2 years old.

We are not a big academy, nor a franchise. In our comfortable studio, students receive top-notch instruction directly from the school’s founder, and in small groups ranging from 4-8 students.

We are dedicated to creating a vibrant community focused on the celebration of Flamenco.  Our classes are filled with friendships, rhythm, and an atmosphere that lets the kids (and adults) have fun, enjoy, and grow their own different artistic talents. Classes mix Flamenco technique with a basis in ballet, accompanied by castanets, rhythmic hand clapping, tambourines, and Cajon. 

We also integrate Spanish within the instruction. Depending on the students background and interest with the language, classes range from basic vocabulary, to full immersion.


More on Flamenco

Flamenco dance and music has a long and colorful past.  Originating from the region of Spain called Andalusia, it has become hugely popular all over the world.

In 2010, Flamenco was declared a World Heritage Treasure by UNESCO.