paulina chalita



With a wide dance background in different disciplines including a solid base in ballet, Paulina's passion has always been Flamenco, from the very beginning, at age 5.

Her lifetime of experience started in Las Cabales, Guadalajara, Mexico and then in Amor de Dios, Madrid, Spain, where she learned from the best and continues to return to attend workshops.

She, herself, started teaching flamenco when she was a teen. At age 20 she started and molded the first Flamenco group for the UAG (Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara). A University that has a long reputation in their Arts Department because of their Folk Dance teaching and research.

Today she leads the only school specialized in teaching Flamenco to kids in the Seattle area, and all ages.

For her classes, she is currently following the technique of EFA´s Director (Escuela de Flamenco de Andalucia) “La Truco”.

Besides her dance experience, she has a Bachelor in Arts in Industrial Design, a profession with which she has worked in very different places like Japan, Finland, Italy, France, Mexico and the U.S.  ...Speaking fluently 4 languages, she understands many different cultural backgrounds and truly celebrates them. During classes, she will build for the students, little by little, a vocabulary in Spanish. We also have several classes taught completely in Spanish for those students that already speak the language or for those who want an immersive experience. 

And most importantly, she has 3 kids, so she knows about patience and understands and appreciates the uniqueness of each child with their own personalities, as well as the expectations and concerns of the parents.